FAQs of Oobac

General Questions

Can I use all services from where I live?

There´s no need to fly all over the world to get things done. Additionally, if you want to open a new bank account, you don´t need to search the globe for where the bank exists.

Do you support Offshore companies?

Oobac does support Offshore services. All Offshore services run under a very flexible system - there´s nothing to worry about.

If you want to expand your business across the globe, we suggest you consider Offshore companies.

Can I venture into any kind of business?

Basically, you can do business in both onshore and offshore. Except for illegal activities, these are all acceptable.

If a license is required, we can get the necessary license for you.

Can I open bank accounts?

We are the business partner and official agent of several popular banks. We can easily open an account for you, be it a corporate account or a personal one. However, it´s important to note that some countries may require physical presence for these activities.

How do I pay taxes in my country?

You have to file the appropriate taxes you´re subject to in your country. You can find more details at the Oobac Post.

What is IBC?

The term is short for International Business Company.
There are many types of incorporation. Some of the more common ones are "Inc.", "Ltd.", and "Co., Ltd". For example, if the company name is "Sample", the complete name of this company will be as follows:
Sample, Inc.
Sample, Ltd.
Sample, Co.,Ltd.
This will be the official name of the company.

IBC is the name of an offshore company. So you cannot use "Sample, IBC".

Will Oobac get involved with my business activities?

No. Your business is yours to manage. Oobac does not interfere with its clients´ business. You carry the responsibility for all your company activities.

How can I contact Oobac?

If you want to contact us, please see the contact us page.
If you need to contact us through telephone or fax, please send a message through the Contact Us page, and we will provide you the numbers to call.

I have a few concerns. I need advice.

You can get the answers and advice you need at the contact us page.

Can you take service orders over the phone?

Yes, we can conduct business over the telephone. To get in touch with Oobac, send us a message through the contact us page.

Is English the main language used for Oobac´s products and services?

Yes. Other languages, such as Japanese and French, are also available. English, however, is still preferred.

Where is Oobac office?

Oobac has several office in the world, and HQ is Switzerland.
Asian clients will be handle by Asian HQ located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Please refer the following page for more details:
Details of Oobac

What happen if I cancel the order already paid?

When your order is "Pending", you can cancel your order at any time.
The fee already paid will be refund immediately.

When your order is already "Proceeding", and the procedure started with the government or banks, cancellation is accepted if government or banks agreed. If they don´t agree, then impossible to accept your cancellation. The decision is belong to them, not us. Please understand.

If your order is already "Completed", cancellation is not accepted.

How can I do cancellation?

Please log in to User Corner.
When your order is still "Pending", there is "Cancel" button on your page..
Click this button, then immediately you can cancel your order.

Why Oobac provide Free Service?

Our activities can do with the cooperation of each governments and banks, financial institutes and other powerful companies. On the other words, we need to follow their direction especially governments and banks. When we are asked some activities under their direction, we have some obligation to follow.

Moreover, we are business partner, official agent of many banks. We need to follow them under the law.

That´s why we provide Free Service even at our expense.

Is New Zealand offshore?

New Zealand is beautiful, calm, good country. We really like this country. But, unfortunately, this is not offshore, but normal onshore as like as your country.

There is no tax in New Zealand?

No. New Zealand is onshore, not offshore. There is tax system not so different from other developed countries. For example, if you get some interest derived from your term deposit, you have to pay the tax in New Zealand, about 17.5%.

Is there any Private Bank in New Zealand?

New Zealand is normal country not different from other developed countries.
So, there is no Private Bank in this country.
Only there is domestic bank and international bank, and all these are not Private Bank.
Some banks provide private banking service, but these bank is not Private Bank.

What is good and bad point in New Zealand?

New Zealand is most cleanest country about political matter in the world.
No bribe, no under the table money, no corruption. All nations are equally protected with effective law system.
Also the education level is quite high. With all these environment, you can do effective business from New Zealand.

Government and Central Bank of New Zealand has clean and strict direction especially to the financial activities such as banking business. This is ensure safety and protection for users.

On the other hand, New Zealand don´t have specific system and history as Switzerland.
That means no special aspects especially about the banks. Tax rate is high compare than many offshore.
And there is other feature this country has. With geological location, history and position of world politics, this country has strong tendency to follow the way of other developed countries. It´s already happened many times when government or central bank change their direction, bank account was closed without notice.
Please note that New Zealand is not offshore, although this country has clean impression. This is onshore.

Company Formation

Expensive company is more effective?

Sometime, yes. Sometime, no.
It´s not the matter of incorporation fee, but your business plan.
For example, when you need the license, and incorporate your company in some country impossible to get the license..., it´s meaningless.
On the other hand, if you need the company for the management of your own asset, you should not incorporate in the country which tend to disclose all information about you.

So, it´s depend on your plan.
Seychelles Company is quite cheap, but this company is effective to keep your asset and security.

When I should order Nominee Service? After incorporation?

If you need strong security, you should appoint Nominee before incorporation.
Because, without Nominee your information will be registered to the destination government, and this record will be maintain almost forever. Moreover, this record is the subject to open the public.
When you set up your company with your information, and appoint Nominee and change the company record afterward, but still former record is kept.
That means you should keep Nominee service before incorporation.

When I set up my company with Oobac, bank account is attached automatically?

Incorporation is incorporation. Opening bank account is different procedure.

Please do not misunderstand. When you order incorporation with "Additional documents required for Opening Bank Account", this documents is only for the procedure of opening corporate account. Not bank account itself.
This documents is required for KYC Policy, Anti Money Laundering Policy and Anti Terrorism Policy etc. This is the basic requirement for the procedure of opening account. Not the application for opening bank account.
How can we open the account for you when you never decide which bank you want?

Please order bank account you need separately.
Give us your cooperation, and things will go well.

Can I choose my company name?

Yes, you can choose your company name.
The company name will be as follows:

  • Sample, Inc.
  • Sample, Ltd.

If the name you chosen already exit in destination country or jurisdiction, that name can´t be used.
Please prepare 3 different names, that means first choice, second choice..., at least.

Why additional company documents are required for opening corporate account?

In the past, no this kind of regulation.
But, now, opening corporate account is somewhat tough procedure with too many regulation of KYC Policy, Anti Money Laundering Policy, Anti Terrorism Policy etc...
To clear all these, many banks ask you to prepare eligible company documents with notarization.

This is why.
Please refer the following page for more information:
Why additional documents are required for Bank Account?

What kind of personal documents is required for incorporation?

Your Passport and Proof of Address are required for incorporation.
Just send us simple copy. No problem without certification, because we can certify your documents.
Please refer the following page for more details:

What happen if my person in charge in Oobac resigned?

No problem in your side. Oobac has many staff. Immediately you will get contact from other staff.

If Oobac go bankrupt, how can I manage my company?

No problem. The Group of Oobac is consisted more than 10 companies. Some have financial license, other has other license. And each company cover different business area. Oobac is one of these.
It´s quite hard to imagine all companies go bankrupt in one shot.
If Oobac has the problem, other company will support you.

Moreover, if all our companies bankrupt, but you can contact the government of your company.
It´s quite impossible to imagine all these government, or country itself, will be vanished.
That means as long as government, or country, exit, your company is safe.

When I don´t need my company any more...?

When your company need to be liquidated, you must follow the procedure of liquidation.
In some offshore, company will be liquidated if you never pay the fee for government. But this is risky way. Because there will be the possibility that someone use your company with not good intention.
Please follow the legal way to liquidation.

How can I sell my company to others?

No problem. The procedure depend on the type of company and law system of the country, but you can sell your company at anytime, except some case in which you have to get permission from government.

Bank Account

Why don´t the banks you mentioned have names?

We do not openly mention the names of mobile wallets and banks for security reasons. Only bank account holders have access to this information.
Bank Names

Why initial deposit is so cheap with Oobac?

We have strong relationship with many banks for long term. When we introduce you, you have some privilege with these banks.
One of these privileges is less amount of initial deposit.

We can offer our clients quite less initial deposit with the agreement between banks and us, not our free intention.
If you have the doubt, please ask the officer (include CEO himself) of each bank.

Can I meet the officers of my bank by myself?

Of course.
We strongly recommend you to meet the officer of the bank before, or after, opening your account.
Especially, when you want to get Private Bank Account, pleas meet the officer at least one time, for establishing strong relationship between you and bank.

Normally, you have to go abroad to the destination country when you want get the meeting with bank officer. If schedule is met, other country is available, too.
Please ask us for schedule.

If Oobac go bankrupt, what happen to my bank account?

No problem.
Because your account is belong to you, not us.
We´ll deal with the procedure of opening bank account. But after opening, the account is yours.
All transaction you have to direct, not through us.
Even if Oobac bankrupt, but your account is your account. Quite safe.

Please refer more details in the following page:
Your account is your account

I saw other web page which can open bank account without passport and proof of address...?

Apparently, this is illegal.
There is no bank who accept this illegal way in the world, except black listed banks.
Moreover, this way is against of KYC Policy, Anti Money Laundering Policy and Anti Terrorism Police etc.

If some company provide this kind of information, please ask them what kind of license they have.
When they have legal license, they can´t say like this. If they say, the license will be vanished, and directors have to go into jail.
If they don´t have any license, just illegal.

The agent who open bank account is illegal...?

In the strict meaning, it´s not illegal to provide the service of opening bank account.
But there are too many regulations now. If some company can´t fulfill these regulations, it will be illegal, or gray business.

For example, when some company offering is opening bank account service, they need to get Official Agent Agreement with the bank, normally. If not, bank can´t accept even if many clients are there. Because it´s against the law, especially against banking law.
Without Agreement, the company who provide the service is the third party from the bank.
Why bank have the obligation to follow their own "free" way?

Next, bank require the company to maintain legal status of AMLP (Anti Money Laundering Policy) and CSP (Company Service Provider) at least, registered in the country who have authority, i.e. UK, Switzerland, French etc. Without these, bank can´t deal with the company according to current law.

Is that safe the bank who provide child account?

Child account itself is illegal. This is our consideration.
We never see any banking law which allow to provide child account.
This means, child account is illegal, and the bank who provide child account is illegal, too.
If a bank provide child account pretending that´s legal, there will be other intention.

Also, the company who provide child account pretending legal account is the subject being arrested.

I think too difficult to open corporate bank account...?

That´s true.
Opening corporate account is not easy procedure. In some case, it will be very tough.
But in our case, things will be much easier. Because our Due Diligence is quite powerful, and banks always trust our result.

But, still, long time is required for opening corporate account.
Please understand and give us your cooperation.

What is Maximum limited amount when I use ATM?

It´s depend on the regulation of ATM in each country.
In some country you can withdraw huge amount of money, other is less than USD 1,000 per a time.
Please ask maximum limit to the bank who provide ATM in your country.

Unlimited amount I can withdraw by card if I have enough money in my account?

Unfortunately, no.
Debit Card is convenient, but follow the rule of each country. Please respect the rules.
Moreover, even if you have EUR 1 million in your account, it´s impossible to withdraw all amount in one shot from ATM. Because ATM is not constructed for this way.

Collateral deposit is required for getting Credit Card?

Issuing Credit Card, you have to deposit certain amount as Collateral Deposit. The amount is depend on the type of Card, at least USD 1,000, up to unlimited.

Please note that some bank will refuse to issue Credit Card if you are the customer just open the account. This kind of bank require you to deal with the bank certain term.

What type of credit card I can get?

There are many types of Credit Card. Gold, Silver, Black, Titanium card etc, up to unlimited card.
After opening your account, please get advice from your bank which type of card is suitable for you.

Please note that not all bank can issue Titanium Card. If you need this card, please ask us beforehand.
Unlimited Card can be issued from Private Bank, normally.

High status credit card without no limit can be issued?

Yes, of course.
Private Bank can issue this type of card.
When you have this card, you can pay the fee of private jet by card. But, as you know, this card has no maximum limit, and when stolen it´s too dangerous. Only when you need with specific reason, please ask us.

What is good and bad point with no-name debit card?

No name card has no name, literally. When you use this type of card, your name and personal information are not recorded, because there is no name...
Quite effective to protect your security, for example, when you need to withdraw the cash from ATM.
In all over the world this card can be used, because this is legal, official card.

But, unfortunately, still there is not-good point. It will be very weird for the person who never see no-name card, who don´t know this type of card can be allowed.

For example, when you pay the fee in some department or super market, and when you use no-name card, the clerk will be upset. Because he/she don´t know, never see, this type of card.

Please use no-name card cleverly, avoid funny problem. If not, someone will consider you as the spy "from XXXXX with no-name card".

What "debit" means with debit card?

There is two type of transaction on your bank account. Debit and Credit.
Debit means withdraw, and Credit is add the amount.

So, Debit Card means to withdraw the money on your account.

What is main currency...?

The bank who provide multi-currency account always need the information which currency is the main currency on your account.
If there is no main currency, bank will be annoyed, confused.
That´s why you need to decide main currency when open the account with multi-currency banks.

From your point of view, all currency is same as the money. But from bank´s point of view, they can´t open your account, because you are subjected to main currency, and other currency will be attached to your main currency account.

In the result, it´s all same. So, your point of view is right. But, for banks, this is quite inconvenient.

Please give us your cooperation, and decide main currency.

If I decide main currency, I will manage my account only by this currency?

Multi-currency account is multi currency. So, you can use all currency on your account.

When I use my card, only I can use with main currency?

You can choose the currency suitable for your card usage, in normal case.
No need to be forced to use only main currency.

When you order the card, please decide which currency is suitable for your card, with getting the advice from bank and us.

What is the meaning of "Private Bank"?

The meaning of "Private Bank" is vary in current situation, but this has simple meaning.
The Bank of Private. We means The Bank running of by private person. This is the meaning.
So, Private Bank is different from normal Commercial Bank.

The person who own Private Bank has enough amount of money, with experience and achievement, and trustworthy...
Even if client has the damage caused by the bank, he will refund you... This is basic meaning of Private Bank.

No one can found Private Bank only with enough amount of money. Private Bank License will be issued by tough regulation, heavy investigation.
And Private Bank has long history almost all case, has different way of banking business compare than normal commercial bank.

It seems too many private banks are there in the world...?

It seems too many private banks in the world.
But, unfortunately, almost all banks is not private bank, just only normal commercial bank.
In our knowledge, less then 50 banks in the world is true Private Bank.

Then, why it seems too many private banks in the world?
They just have private-banking-department or private-banking-service, but not real Private Bank.
Why this is happened?
The answer is clear. Private Bank in Switzerland, Liechtenstein etc, had got amazing achievement. So, many banks in the world follow their way just with the name of private bank.

How about initial deposit in Private Bank?

At first you may understand that real Private Bank is no need to get the clients from the public, completely different from commercial bank.
They don´t like to make advertisement, don´t like to be known. They provide their banking service only for selected clients. So, even if you are super rich person, you can´t open Private Bank Account only by the amount of money.

Initial deposit is vary depend on the standard of each Private Bank. Some require you more than EUR 10 millions, some 1 million.
But we can offer opening Private Bank Account with amazing cheap initial deposit, just only EUR 5,000!!
Details are in the following page:
Liechtenstein Private Bank

Can I meet the officer of Private Bank?

We strongly recommend you to meet the officer of Private Bank before opening, or after opening.
Reason is very clear.
Private Bank is so powerful. And if you never meet anyone of your bank, it abnormal, not effective, meaningless.
When you have strong relationship with Private Bank, then you may get powerful friend.

I need to be treated as VIP with Private Bank...?

No problem.
Oobac has Special Agreement with each Private Bank. In this Agreement, there is the terms that when we recommend you with specific condition, Bank will treat you as VIP.
When you get this status, you will be treated as VIP literally, include your family. No limitation of nationality, age, religion...
As for the condition for getting the recommendation of Oobac, please contact us.


What is different between corporate nominee and personal nominee?

Which type of Nominee you want to get is depend on your demand to Nominee.
For example, when you expect Nominee the role of real director or shareholder, you want to get personal Nominee.
But, if you want to get just keeping your security, corporate nominee is enough, for the fee is cheap.

Why need to use nominee?

When incorporate, the information of director and shareholder are required. There are no company without director and shareholder.
If you have no problem to incorporate under your real name, no need to keep Nominee.
But, if you need to keep your security, you should keep Nominee. Because all information about director and shareholder will be Nominee´s ones. And there are no registration of your real information.
Please refer the following page for more details:

How to change nominee?

Nominee can change at any time.
Changing the Nominee is the procedure of registration. We need to follow the regulation of the country in which your company incorporated.

My rights of company is safe if I use nominee?

Yes, quite safe.
Your rights will be protected by POA (Power of Attorney) and DoT (Declaration of Trust).
By these, your rights of company is protected.
Details are in the following page:

Can I appoint lawyer or accountant as nominee?

Of course, you can appoint lawyer or accountant as your Nominee.
But, one problem you may consider that in normal case, the fee will be more expensive.

Can I use nominee´s signature at any time?

Nominee service can protect your security.
But, Nominee will lost all power to the company after issuing POA
Without this document, the company will be Nominee´s, not yours.
So, after issuing the POA, you have to manage your company under your name. That means the signature should be your name.
If you use Nominee name without notice, you will be in big trouble. Please note.

Nominees and Signatures

But, in some situation, if you feel uneasy to use your own signature, please contact us. We always prepare the solution for you.


What is notarized passport copy?

All procedure in overseas need your passport copy. This passport copy should be genuine and lawful to make clear your copy is not illegal. And to make ensure your passport is legal, certification is required. Please refer the following page for more details:

Prepare your Copy of Passport

Why Oobac can certify the documents?

This is very simple.
We have eligible status to make certification.

Oobac certification is not official one...?

Our certification is Official enough for each procedure, with eligible license of HMRC, Corporate Service Provider and more.

What is Corporate Service Provider?

Corporate Service Provider is some kind of business license, which allow to make the procedure of incorporation, opening bank account and so on, legally.
We are authorized Corporate Service Provider registered in UK.
By this, we can do our activity in all over the world.

We are not the same from many companies who provide incorporation service, opening bank account service without license.

What means with "Authorized by Anti Money Laundering Policy"?

Anti Money Laundering Policy is huge amount of regulations all banks, government and companies have to follow.
This is the regulation to prevent money laundering, terrorism, illegal business etc.

We are registered and authorized by this policy in several countries.

Normally, this status is held by banks, and we also have, of course.

What is Official Agent?

Official Agent is the agent appointed by banks and other institutions legally.
This is somewhat selected status, with long term relationship and trust.
Normally, Official Agent is given vast freedom and authority for business activity.

We are Official Agent of many banks include Private Bank. We can open the account for our users, can certify many documents, also have the responsibility to do Due Diligence.
That´s why the procedure of Oobac is quite easy.

Why many banks accept Oobac certification?

The reason is simple.
We have official and eligible status to do our activity. We are Official Agent of many banks. We are authorized and regulated from many authorities of different country.
Our Due Diligence is powerful and legal, follow all regulations in the world.
That´s why things will be easy with us.

I already have notarized documents...?

This is good.
Please use this document for procedure.

Please note one thing.
We hope your certification was written by English. If with Chinese, Japanese, or other language not popular in the world, it´s meaningless. Because no one can understand.
If you can make certification by yourself, please prepare English certification.


What happens if I never get the license?

Some businesses require licenses to operate. Doing business like banking, insurance, stock market or mutual funds usually require licenses. Other countries require licenses for any business activity. Oobac can get you the proper licenses you need for your business.

Not having a license where it´s needed is against the law. You may be arrested and sentenced to jail if you do so.

Can you manage my licenses?

Of course. We can support whole your business, as an outsourced service.

How do I prepare all the tools for my business?

Lots of things are needed when you launch your business. Things like office, staff, required licenses, telephone lines, fax, web servers, server systems, credit payment facilities, networks - they´re all part of doing business. Oobac can take care of all these things for you.

Please note that we only support legal activities. We do not allow illegal activities in any case.

Can you provide outsourcing?

Please contact us through the Contact us page for details.

Security Tools

Is it legal to use VPN?

VPN services are providing from many companies in the world.
There is simple reason. Always it´s possible that someone will seize your access on the internet without your notice.
Internet is nothing but mass of signal, and this signal can be traced by some ways.
If someone is watching your all activity on the internet..., this is illegal, simply.
To prevent this bad-willing, VPN services are providing.
Which part is illegal, the person who watch your activity, or who provide the way of protection?

Secure e-mail server is really safe?

Secure E-Mail Server of Oobac has the history more than 5 years. No accident at all.
This is quite safe.

Is it legal to use Nominee?

Nominee Service is providing according to the law of each country.
This is one of law system, not illegal, but the way of law.

There are many different types of system in our world.
Nominee is one of these.

Can I use Nominee name at any time?

Nominee Service is providing under the law of the country which has different system.
When you want to use Nominee name for your business activity, you have to follow the law of the country nominee live. If you use Nominee name without his permission, you will be in serious trouble with huge compensation.
Please refer more details in the following page:

Nominees and Signatures

Any possibility to be revealed my name from the bank?

We select high security banks on our menu. There is no possibility to be revealed your information, except your activity is connected to international crime, or breaching Anti Money Laundering Policy, or you are one of the members of Terrorism.
If you feel uneasy with normal bank, please choose to open your account with Private Bank.

Liechtenstein Private Bank

Should I use VPN when I access to my bank account through internet?

When you access your bank account through internet, you must be careful. From where you could access..., which route you can choose... Because, on the internet, always there is some risk your access will be traced by someone. Everyone know this simple fact.
If you have the doubt about this fact, we recommend you to go book shop nearby. Then you can see all hacking tools and manuals are there.

You should not use Net-Cafe PC, because after you finished, someone can see all record of your access on the log of PC.
Also you must not use unprotected wireless line. Anyone can see your ID and password through wireless.

You must consider which ISP you can use. If your ISP is the company who have some obligation to record all your access log, this is nothing but huge risk.

To avoid all these problems, it´s clever to use VPN.

Order to Oobac

How to order to Oobac?

Order on Oobac is very easy.
Please click "Order" button shown on each page of products, up-right side.
Follow the instruction. Then your own Oobac account will be created. That´s all.

Different account is required for different order?

Oobac system can support different account with different order. For example, incorporation you can use "sample1" as ID, and opening bank account is "sample2", keeping Nominee is "sample3" ...
But, this way is not convenient for you. Too many ID and password is difficult to remember.
Much better is one ID and password. Then you can manage all your orders with one shot.

How to order many items in one shot?

When you have different kinds of order, much better to divide your ID according to the kind.
For example, when you have two types of incorporation, please create two types of ID, such as "xxxSeychelles" and "xxxMauritius". Then easy to manage, easy to understand.
If all mixed up, you can´t understand which is which...

I got error message when I put my ID and password?

ID and password you can choose anything what you like.
But, if chosen ID or password already exist on our database, you can´t us same one. In this case, error message will be shown.
Please select different ID and password.

ID and password can be allowed at least 6 character up to 20, A-Z, a-z, 0-9.

Sending the Fee

What kind of way of payment I can use?

The ways of payment with Oobac are as follows:
Payment by Credit Card
Payment by wire transfer

Is there any risk to use Credit Card Payment?

Our system is provided from Switzerland. There is no risk.

Where is the bank account details of Oobac for wire?

The details of our bank account for wire is on the invoice.

Where is the invoice?

When you choose "Wire Transfer" for payment, the invoice is shown on your browser. Please keep this invoice.

Also, you can see the invoice after log in to User Corner.

Please click "Invoice" button in the menu.

Can I send total amount on invoice for wire?

Unfortunately, when you choose wire transfer for payment, there will be the charge of sending bank, intermediary banks, and destination bank.
This bank charge is not so cheap, sometime up to EUR 80, normally EUR 40 to 50 for international transaction.

So, if you send the fee shown on the invoice, and never add bank charge, your payment will be outstanding for deducting bank charge.
Please add at least EUR 20 for bank charge for destination bank. Your bank and intermediary bank charge please pay beforehand to your bank.

I got information on Oobac Post that "Please send the fee"...?

This is the message Oobac system issue automatically when we can´t confirm your payment. This message will be on Oobac Post.

When you see this message, please pay us the fee as soon as possible.

What happen if I never wire the fee after order?

Unfortunately, your order can´t initiate until we get confirmation of receipt from the bank.
Please send the fee.

Can you start the procedure before sending the fee?

All procedure will be started after we get the confirmation of receipt of fee.
The reason is very simple. Each government and banks can´t accept late payment.

How I can get confirmation my money already arrive to Oobac?

When we get the confirmation of receipt from the bank, the message is appear on User Corner.
You can check at any time.

If I cancel my order after wire, can you refund?

When your order is still "Pending", and never start any procedure, we´ll refund immediately when you cancel your order.

On the contrary, when your order already in "Proceeding" or "Completed", we can´t accept cancellation.
If bank or government accept your cancellation, but normally you have to pay some compensation.

Please refer the details in the following page:


Oobac Post

Why you recommend to use Oobac Post?

E-Mail system on internet is popular and convenient.
On the other hand, e-mail has no security. Always there is the possibility of hacking, peeping...

To avoid this problem, we prepare different system called Oobac Post.
When you use Oobac Post, there are no such kind of risk mentioned above, with the protection of SSL.
And this is FREE service.

How to get Oobac Post Account?

It´s very easy to use Oobac Post. Getting account of Oobac Post is just in 5 seconds.
Please browse the following page:

How to use Oobac Post, step by step.

Is it Free to use Oobac Post?

Oobac Post is FREE completely.

Can I send my file through Oobac Post?

Of course.
Please note there is one condition on Oobac Post. You can send us the file only by PDF, for we need to protect this system.

User Log In

How can I log in to User Corner?

It´s easy.
Click "User Log In" button on up-right side of every page of Oobac. Then you are on log-in page of User Corner.
At first, there will be simple question to avoid unauthorized access.
When your answer is correct, you can put your ID and password for User Corner. Please enter your ID and password when you are registered.
Then you are on your own page of User Corner.

I forgot my ID and password of User Corner...!

When you forgot your ID or password, please contact us by using Oobac Post or e-mail.
We´ll send your data to your e-mail address registered on the system.

Can I change my password of User Corner?

Of course, you can change your password at any time.
Click "Change your password" button on User Corner.

Can I use Oobac Post from User Corner?

Of course.
User Corner has full function for our users.
Please click "Contact by Oobac Post" button, then you are on your own Post page.

When I log in to User Corner, it´s different language...!

Please click the flag button shown top-right side of page. Then you can see User Corner by your language.

Can I make the payment on User Corner?

Yes, of course.
If your payment is not done yet, there will be "Payment" button on your page of User Corner.
Click this button, then you can see payment page.

Where is the invoice?

When you choose "Wire Transfer" for payment, you can see the invoice on your browser in the end of order procedure.
Same invoice is shown on User Corner.

I already paid, but still "No Payment" message is there on my User Corner...?

Only when Oobac billing get confirmation of your payment, the message on User Corner will be changed.

About Oobac

Where is HQ of Oobac?

Our HQ is in Switzerland.
Please see the details in the following page:

Details of Oobac

Where is the details of Oobac...?

Please refer the following page:

About us

Oobac staff is offshore residence?

Oobac has the staff on many countries, with different race.
Some are offshore residences, other not, consisted by French, Japanese, Chinese etc...

The language we cover is English, French, Italy, German, Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Arabic...
Mainly English.

Oobac has French staff?

Yes, we have French staff, and they are quite good, frankly.
They can speak French, of course. No problem.

Many time I saw the reply from Oobac came in midnight. Why...?

Our planet, the Earth, is round, not simple plate.
And there is different time zone. That is why.
For example, if your person in charge on Oobac live in UK, and you are in Australia, you have different time to receive our reply.
It´s not caused following unhealthy life, but caused by time zone, simply. Please feel easy.

I want to get advice on the phone...?

Our telephone number is not open on public web page to prevent illegal use.
Please contact us by Oobac Post at first, then we can inform you our number.

Oobac Post.

I want to meet my person in charge in Oobac. How to do...?

You are most welcome!
Anytime you can meet us face to face. The adjust the schedule, please use Oobac Post.

Oobac Post.

Oobac Account

Why I need to get Oobac Account?

When you order, your Oobac Account will be opened. Of course, it´s FREE!
With this account you can log in User Corner. You can contact us with easier way.
On User Corner, you can check the progress of your order, status and renewal information (if necessary).
This is technical reason to get Oobac Account for your convenience.

On the other hand, we will do our Due Diligence required by international regulations.
When you are accepted, there is no problem to make procedure for your order. And, in the same time, you will be accepted by many government, banks etc., for our Due Diligence is powerful and legal, getting the trust of each authority.
By this way, you have no problem of your identity and certification.
This is other, and important reason of getting Oobac Account.

When you log in User Corner, you can see proper page for the procedure of your order when you are accepted.

On the contrary, if you have the problem with criminal database of each country or something, you will see the message "Not Approved". In this case, you can´t do anything with us, as well as government and banks.

Check your order progress

On User Corner, you can check the status of progress at any time, with management of your order as well.


Can I talk about my business?

Yes. Just make sure that everything is legal.

If we are forced to believe that your business is illegal, we´ll terminate our services immediately.

I´m still unsure about some things...

If some things are still unclear to you, please don´t hesitate to ask us. We need you to fully understand the business before you dive into anything.

Ask your Oobac representative or agent, we´ll be glad to give you the answers you seek.

Need more information about company formation and bank account

Contact us to get free information

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