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The trade war between the US and China could give the opportunity to Japan. Although China's economic slowdown was caused by trade war waged by the United States, which affects not only exports but domestic demand, this situation could offer Japanese businesses a window of opportunity. As relations between the two Asian countries have increased and Washington constantly warned about the increase of Beijing's geopolitics, several studies have shown that the Chinese have begun to have a good picture of Japan. Japanese companies and organizations, particularly in food, clothing, nursing services, and environmental fields, are expected to take advantage of these opportunities to support their businesses. In those fields, Japanese products and services are already extremely regarded in China. Since late last year, the second largest economic sector in the world has obviously slowed down against the background of slow exports, as well as lackluster investment and consumer spending. The Chinese economy slowly grew in nearly 30 years during the quarter of April-June and increased 6.2% from the previous year, according to Monday's latest Gross Domestic Product data. The percentage of Chinese with a "favorable" impression of Japan in 2018 was 42.2 percent, 11 points above last year, according to Genron NPO, the Japanese independent, non-profit think tank. It was the highest percentage since the study started in 2005 and the "remarkable growth in Japan's economy and high living standards" was an addition to the most popular reason for Japan's favorable impression. Recently, with last year's 40th anniversary of the bilateral Treaty of Peace and Friendship as a motivation to forge better tied, the ties between the two nations have changed. Meanwhile, in reaction to Beijing's alleged intellectual property and technology theft, Washington implemented a 25% levy on a total of $250 billion in Chinese imports. By taxing products worth $110 billion from the United States, China has retaliated.


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