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World Signia Card is the topmost card of Master Card, dedicated for VIP. Concierge Service, Insurance, Special Treatment..., you will get highest status. There is no limit of card usage. This card is issued from Latvia Bank

World Signia

Do by yourself as can as possible

World Signia Card is issued from Latvia Bank . Please open your account (personal or corporate account) with this bank when you need this card. We recommend you to make procedure of card issuing with the bank by yourself after opening the account. Order our support only when you have no time, or some difficulty.

Oobac Recommendation

World Signia Card will be issued to the person who has VIP status with the standards of the bank. When your condition is meet the standards, you will be accepted. After opening your account with Latvia Bank, please make the application for this card. Then bank will initiate the procedure. Please note that at least more than EUR 5 million need to be kept in your main account. If you have difficulty to get VIP status although you have enough conditions, Oobac can recommend you to the bank. Almost 100% bank accept our recommendation. In this case, please order to Oobac. We will handle the procedure for you.

Topmost of MasterCard

World Signia Card is topmost card of Master Card, specially designed for VIP. There are no limitation of usage. Normal shopping, net shopping..., no limit. This card has strong features of Concierge Service as follows:

  • Hospitality and Event Ticketing
  • Air Travel Reservation and Information
  • Car Hire Reservation and Information
  • Chauffer Driven Car Service
  • Restaurant Reservation
  • Golf Course Information Service
  • Holiday Reservations and Information
  • Hotel Reservation and Information
  • Destination Information and Advice
  • Latest News
  • Travel Advice
  • Cash Transfer
  • Complex Concierge
  • Courier Service
  • Document Registration
  • Event Management
  • Interpretation Service
  • Flower Delivery
  • Gift Delivery
  • Legal Referrals
  • Lost or Stolen Card Assistance
  • Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Assistance
  • Lost or Stolen Passport Assistance
  • Medical Information
  • Meeting Space
  • Messaging Service
  • Referrals to Issuers for Accounts Queries

Bank Charge for Issuance

The bank will charge you EUR 2,000 for issuance fee of this card. If you can do card issuing procedure, just this amount is enough.

When Oobac has to handle, additional fee EUR 1,150 will be required include issuing our recommendation and support.

Security Deposit

Security Deposit for this card will be required EUR 30,000 at least. This amount is minimum amount for issuing World Signia Card. So, much better if you can make deposit more. This deposit can be used for the payment by your card. Please note that in the end of month, you should keep above mentioned amount always in your card account. Otherwise, the balance will be deducted from your current account.

No Limit of Usage!

World Signia Card has no limitation of monthly usage.
When you have this card, you can purchase your private jet by the card, if you have enough amount in your card account. To ensure this high facility, Infinity Card has strong protections. Protection of purchase, fraud protection, ATM protection, heavy insurance...

POS / Net Limit

No limitation on POS (Point of Sale) or online shopping. But we recommend you to keep some limitation by yourself when you use your World Signia Card on the internet.

ATM Limit

The limitation of ATM withdraw is EUR 5,000 per day.
Please note that ATM machine has its own limitation based on the regulation of each country. Even if your Infinity Card has big amount of ATM withdraw, still you have to follow the regulation of ATM in your country.

Open your Account with the bank

To be issued World Signia Card, you have to open your account (personal or corporate account) with Latvia Bank. There is no Credit Card without account. Your card has the value when connected the account.
Please refer the following page for more details:

Just plastic plate without Account

Need more information about company formation and bank account

Contact us to get free information

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