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Keeping security is very crucial. Lacking in security diminishes your efforts. ThatLs why we paid careful attention to maintain security.

Handling your information
Keeping Information in Another Country
Internet Security
Certificate of Passport
Nominee Service
Secure E-Mail Service
Secure VPN
Pseudonym Account with Private Banks

Handling your information
All information we receive on this site and other related sites are dealt with confidentiality.
Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
Privacy Policy

Keeping Information in Another Country
All your information in our web site such as your email address, telephone, and fax are not kept in the country you live in.

Internet Security
All your information will be kept with the topmost security technology.
Please review our Privacy Policy for your reference.
Privacy Policy

Certificate of Passport
Travelling overseas requires you to prepare several documents to prove your identity - documents like a copy of your passport, proof of address, and a copy of your driverLs license are requested from you. As if thatLs not enough, itLs usually required to have these documents certified by a notary public or other governing authorities like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Opening a bank account requires you to do the same.

This is very troublesome just to keep security!

ThereLs no need to worry anymore!
We are given the authority by banks and other authorities to certify your documents.
In this case, you only have to prepare copies of approved documents - no need to certify them. Thus, you still keep your security.

Note that this service is only available to our customers and is not open to the public.

Nominee Service
If you want to incorporate your company (or some other legal entity), you have to present your personal information to the authorities of the destination country. However, if the law system allows the use Nominee in that country, you do not need to present any personal information anymore.

In this case, your Nominee name, passport, address, and other relevant information will be used for the incorporation procedure without revealing your information to the public. For Nominee, the Power of Attorney will be issued to you to ensure that the rights to this company belong to you. In other countries, you can get a Trusty Deed issued by their High or Supreme Court.

With this, you can get your real security.
We recommend you to use Nominee. YouLll never feel uneasy with all your activities.
Nominee Director
Nominee Shareholder

Secure E-Mail Service
Everyone knows that there is a header in all emails in which many information is contained. If someone wants to trace you, your presence will be revealed through the header.

When you have to business that requires tight security, normal email systems will be fatal. If you have a bank account with strong security, but use normal e-mail, everything will be in vain.

What do you do?

Come to us and weLll provide you with a HIGH SECURITY email system.
If you use this system, you can contact anybody with strong security, with the chances of being traced. This service is guaranteed by several banks who recommend their clients to use this service for security purposes.
Secure E-Mail

Secure VPN
In some countries, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) keep an access log on the Internet.

In this log, all your activities are recorded. Pages you browse, dates, duration, and frequency. When you access your overseas bank account online, it will be recorded without notice. WhatLs worse is that you have no means to erase this record.

Oobac VPN Service allows you to avoid this serious problem for your security.
When you use this service, there will be no traces of your activities anymore.
Secure VPN

Pseudonym Account with Private Banks
You can get a Pseudonym Account with reputable private banks in Europe. When you have this account, you can manage your assets without using your real name!
Liechtenstein Private Bank

Tough security! High Yield! Friendly!
Open your account with AAA Private Bank.

Protect your security!
... More

Many choices with wholesale price!
... More

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