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Some say that one sixth of the money in the world is in Offshore. We list a few reasons to believe so.

One Sixth of the Money in the World
Advanced Countries and Offshore
No Tax Reports
Offshore and the Power of Competition
Keeping HIGH Security
Two Different Systems
Legal or Illegal?
Regulations and Offshore
Accounts with Reputable Mobile Wallets and Banks
Meaningless Company

One Sixth of the Money in the World
According to some reports, it has been said that one sixth of the money in the world is in Offshore.
The government has reported the same a few years ago. In May 2006, it was published in a newspaper that XX% of the money in EU has already flowed to Offshore.

What does this mean? And why does this kind of situation happen?

It is natural for money to go from unstable to stable economies or countries. These stable countries or jurisdictions we can classify as Offshore.

ThereLs little to no taxes, business licenses are fairly easy to acquire and businesses can be handled remotely.

You can get all these from Offshore.

Advanced Countries and Offshore
If there are no advanced countries, Offshore will not be able to survive, even if they offer good opportunities for doing business and personal services. At the same time, however, Offshore canLt survive if they accept all directions that come from advanced countries.

This simply means that Offshore can only stand if there are demands from advanced countries.

Offshore provides a very efficient system. But if no one wants to use these services, Offshore cannot survive. Offshore thrives on the demands of advanced countries and depends on the people who live in them.

However, if advanced countries fully admit all activities from Offshore, the whole dynamic of Onshore countries will critically change.

ItLs natural to think that people would go to Offshore because of the freedom it offers. Also for its white sand beaches, carefree residents and luscious fruits. All these you can enjoy when you go Offshore.
It seems that when it comes to the financial aspects of businesses, Offshore is the up-and-coming trend these days.
There are, of course, instances where advanced countries donLt always accept Offshore.

There are countries who want to invade other countries in the name of justice. ThereLs also a possibility that a war against offshoreism arises. The irony is that, these countries are the most important customers of Offshore.

Situations vary for every prime minister or president in each government. For example, one president of the US refused to deal with Offshore, while another recommended it in his State of the Nation address. It may be hard for us to understand these speeches, but this is something we can get off of the Internet.

ItLs a known fact that people who want to use Offshore are usually wealthy. Offshore gets a lot of support from the affluent in advanced countries, all while the ruling government in those countries refuse them. This is the why Offshore survives and at the same time, suffers.

Therefore, between advanced countries and Offshore, there is always high tension. This is why the growth of Offshore is erratic.

Lastly, we should note that many Offshore countries or jurisdictions are changing their systems according to their history, economic relationship with other countries, geography, and the pressure from their political relationship with the rest of the world. Offshore is not just one color. There are different colors in each Offshore countries and jurisdictions.

There are several advantages of having an Offshore company. Here are a few:
* Little to no tax
* Little to no regulation
The most important of the both is the little to no tax system. This system is very convenient in doing business, or in keeping assets. We know well that the key success factor of a famous individual who runs a transportation business started in Offshore.

ItLs important to note that this system is not illegal. This is an official and legal system in Offshore countries and jurisdictions. ItLs completely legal, and itLs a very attractive feature, especially for those living in countries that have high taxes.

Next, we should consider that in Offshore, there are less regulations, meaning itLs less complicated.

That means itLs easier to get a license here than from an advanced company. Licenses for banking, insurance, the stock market, casinos, lottery, or even a license for establishing a university, to name a few, can be fairly easy to acquire. More importantly, these licenses are completely legal and official. With these licenses, you can do business all over the world.
Get REAL Licenses

No Tax Reports
No tax, a very remarkable feature of Offshore, can guarantee us one important thing: although it still depends per country, generally, there is no need to make tax reports for the Offshore government and no need to pay for an expensive accountant or auditor.

In some accounting documents, thereLs one thatLs called "two sets of books." This is a characteristic known in certain countries. But with the Offshore system, a book can be prepared to show the real financial condition of the company.

To the surprise of most people, according to research by the US government, the cost of tax procedures in the US reach around USD $200 billion. This costs more than producing all cars, trucks, and vans combined.

Paying taxes is a system of Onshore countries, and sadly, the abovementioned is the result of this system.

On the other hand, there are countries and jurisdictions called Offshore, in which there is no need to pay taxes. How does this work?

Competition, effifient systems, protected assets, and real productivity. The answer lies within.

Offshore and the Power of Competition
Imagine that over 50% of your profit is subject to tax.
If you think that 50% tax is ridiculous, we recommend you re-calculate.
As a matter of fact, one country amongst the advanced countries use this tax rate.
In this case, if you have a profit of USD 100, you only get USD 50 after taxes. If you want to keep USD 100, youLd have to sell your products and services for double the prices.

On the contrary, if thereLs no tax, youLre not forced to sell your goods for twice as much. Ideally, you can sell your products and services at half price.

ItLs crystal clear.

Moreover, thereLs no need to prepare tax reports, no need to keep a staff for day to day accounting, no need to pay expensive fees towards a professional accountant or auditor.
You can easily get the power of competition, legally and officially.

Keeping HIGH Security
Keeping your security is very important when you want to go abroad, or more specifically, Offshore.

Of course, you know very well how important it is to keep your security, because your security is a matter of life and death, business or otherwise. Without security, you can easily fall into trouble under unforeseen circumstances.

In Offshore, there exists a law system related to the security.
Although it may be on a different level for other the countries, this law system is very strict - it may include arrest, dealing with custody, prosecution, and imprisonment.

For instance, if a man who dealing with an offshore business reveals information about the customer, willingly or unwillingly, the security law will be applied. The man may be arrested and sent to jail.

With this system, your security will be kept as tight as possible. You can get the ultimate solution to your security issues in Offshore. This is the biggest advantage for people or companies who want to go Offshore.

Two Different Systems
There is another kind of legal system in advanced countries called "Special Tax Regulation for using Offshore." This means that people who use Offshore services are subject to bigger taxes.

People who consider themselves living on the right side of the law tend to think that this is one way by which the government can prevent people, and money from going to Offshore.

This is to not be misunderstood. Onshore and Offshore, both have different systems. Confusing them with each other is a critical mistake.

You have to follow the rules when you are both in Onshore and Offshore, and must respect your government and their regulations.

Simply remember to not confuse the two.

Legal or Illegal?
WeLve seen situations where countries have labeled businesses in Offshore illegal, and their users possibly belonging to gangs, even mafias.

As mentioned above, Offshore can stand on the demands from advanced countries. Users of Offshore are mainly the affluent from advanced countries.

If people who want to use Offshore is part of a gang, black hand or mafia, then why do reputable banks set their branches up in Offshore?
Why do some countries like UK, France, or Malaysia have an Offshore department?
And, why do they have the Offshore system?

Does that mean that the big banks in this world is a gang?
Or countries are black hands?
And the central banks of these countries who regulate tax exemption in their Offshore jurisdiction is a mafia?

If you think carefully, you will find out the answer.

Offshore is not illegal. To incorporate an Offshore company, maintain it and do business under the name of an Offshore company, and live in Offshore, are part of our rights.

To maintain high security, use an overseas address, get our own secretaries, and open bank accounts in reputable banks, are all legal and are our lawful rights.

Regulations and Offshore
ItLs very difficult to establish your own bank in advanced countries, even if you do have enough money, experience, and the ability to. As the matter of fact, itLs almost impossible. People who aspire to undertake a new kind of business are hindered by the regulations of advanced countries.

On the other hand, in Offshore, you can get a license with ease. Of course, your license is completely legal, and can enable you to do business all over the world. This is one of the most important features of Offshore.

Accounts with Reputable Mobile Wallets and Banks
ItLs obvious that a bank account is necessary for your activities in overseas. ItLs impossible to do business without a bank account.

Unfortunately, to open the account for your company, especially in the case of an Offshore company, is somewhat difficult if you donLt have a strong relationship with reputable mobile wallets and/or banks.

ThereLs nothing to worry about.
Oobac has a strong relationship with reputable mobile wallets and banks all over the world.

Additionally, there are no need to visit to these countries (except Hong Kong), and meet with a bank officer. You can open your account through us. We are a business partner and an official agent of several mobile wallets and banks.
Liechtenstein Bank Cyprus Bank
Euro Pacific Bank Mauritius Bank
Seychelles Bank Belize Bank

Meaningless Company
If you think that everything will go well just because your business is in Offshore while youLre living in a high-tax country, think again.

Your company will only get real results, when the business and you are in the right environment. If not, your company will just become a mere signboard, a signboard directed to "Special Tax Regulation for using Offshore".

ItLs meaningless, no matter how many Offshore companies you have in the world.

Moreover, a company without a bank account, a fixed address a person in charge, or even a telephone number - who can say that this company is in its true purpose?

Oobac can genuinely provide real solutions to solve your situation, personal or business.

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