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Live Operator Service

Live Operator is a service to easily establish your business presence effectively in a country.

Our Live Operator Service was created to be a dedicated phone number for your business.
An operator will answer calls under your company name and will forward your messages to you by email or any other means of your preference.

Type of account

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Price per Year 999.00 EUR

What is Live Operator Service?
Dedicated Telephone Number
Live Operators
Efficient Relay of Messages
Corporate and Personal Use
Working Hours
Your Welcome Message
Summary of Business Activities
Your Business Address and Live Operator
Required Documents

What is Live Operator Service?
Clients who call your business phone will be able to talk to a live operator who will answer calls as a representative of your company. For instance, an operator would answer a call along the lines of:
"This is xxxx Limited (your company name), thank you for calling..."
"This is the customer service of xxxx, Inc (your company name), how may I help you?"

Live operators are at hand to accept phone calls during business hours. Your messages will be forwarded securely to you by any means you prefer.

The advantage to this service is that your business presence is established without needing to build an actual office or hiring customer service staff.

The Live Operator Service is provided by English-speaking customer service representatives from Singapore and Malaysia. It is offered to our clients worldwide.

Dedicated Telephone Number
Upon order, a dedicated telephone number will be issued to your company. This number shall be used to contact with your client.
This number may be used as the business number indicated on your website or calling card.

Live Operators
Our services do not make use of automated machines to receive messages. Operators are available to interact with your clients and handle conversations with professional skill.

Not only will it make a good impression on your clients, this service maintains your anonymity and your security.

Efficient Relay of Messages
Messages from clients will immediately be forwarded to you securely by email or other means you prefer.

Note that all information and conversations will be held in English.

Corporate and Personal Use
The Live Operator Service is dedicated to enhancing your business activities and can be involved in your actual business process.

Personal use of the Live Operator Service is also allowed -- however, business activities cannot be done under your personal account, unlike a corporate account.

Working Hours
Operators are available in the working hours of Singapore/Malaysia.
Live Operators are available from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm. Weekends and public holidays are considered off-days for operators.

It is your obligation to note local holidays to ensure that your clients will not be inconvenienced.

Your Welcome Message
You may instruct our operators to relay a specific welcome message to your clients when they receive calls. Some examples are:
"This is xxxx Limited (your company name), thank you for calling..."
"This is the customer service of xxxx Corporation (your company name), how may I help you?"
"Thank you for calling xxxx Inc (your company name)..."

Note that only English can be used for this service.

The language to be used by the Live Operator is English, as will be the language of your messages.
The operators will also need to be trained by your company so that they are familiar with your business activities and products.

Summary of Business Activities
Our Live Operators need to be informed of the basics of your company so that they can handle client conversations efficiently and effectively.
Some of the information needed include the following:

Company Live Operators:
Company name.
Basic details of goods and services.
Message forwarding details.
Individual Live Operators:
Your name and address.
Purpose of using a Live Operator.
Message forwarding details.
Your cooperation will greatly impact the quality of service an operator can give to your client.

Your Business Address and Live Operator
The Live Operator Service is dedicated to providing your company a strong local presence and security. This means that your business address is never divulged and will only be made known at your discretion.
Oobac provides companies with localized business addresses required in some countries to incorporate companies. You can choose among 14 cities worldwide. For further details, go to the following link:
Business Address
Real office can be set up by the following link:
Business Center (KL)

The basic fee for this service is 999 EUR per year, inclusive of your dedicated phone number. 50 calls per month (or 600 per year) are free of charge.
Companies receiving more than 50 calls a month would be required to pay for additional charges, detailed below:
Monthly call Additional fee (per month)
50 to 100 EUR 50
100 to 200 EUR 100
200 to 500 EUR 200
500 to 1000 EUR 400
1000 to 2000 EUR 600
2000 to 3000 EUR 800
more than 2000 negotiable

Required Documents
Company Live Operators:
Copy of Company Documents.
Passport copy/proof of address of shareholders and directors.
Business plan.
Proof of Address of Company (in the case of existing company, within 3 months)
Individual Live Operators:
Passport copy
Proof of Address (within 3 months)
Purpose of using a this service.

Illegal activities involving the dedicated telephone number would result to an immediate termination of our contracted services to you. These activities include:
Unlicensed trust, bank, insurance, and fund activities.
Using personal information to conduct business.
Use of the service in public advertisements.
Unlicensed use of the service.
Using Live OperatorLs name without permission.
Use of the service to handle illegal or suspicious activities.
Use of the service to conduct resale activities.
Resale of the Live Operator service.
Direct telephone sale activities.
Use of the service to conduct illegal offshore activities.
All activity against our reputation and profit.
** Please note: **
It is OobacLs policy to support companies who seek business profits through legal means. We maintain the authority to terminate our relationship with a company which resorts to illegal activities to achieve its goals.

Because of no actual business activity of your company in this address, you canLt expect to be issued Proof of Address.
When you need real Proof of Address, please consider to keep Business Center (KL).

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