Note to use Card

Here is basic information about how to use your card.


Meaning of Debit Card

Debit card is the card which can withdraw your money in your account. Simple and effective.
No need security deposit. No need to borrow the money under the name of "Credit" from the banks.

This means if you don´t have any amount of money in your account (card account), you can´t use your Debit Card.

Meaning of Credit Card

Credit Card is issued based on "credit", which means trust.
Even if you don´t have the money in your account, still you can use your Credit Card within your "credit".
In this case, you will borrow the money from banks with certain amount of interest.

As you see, Credit Card is based on trust. So, regulation to be issued Credit Card is very tough, with huge amount of security deposit.
On the other hand, Credit Card has some kind of status because banks trust you already when you have Credit Card.

According to the level of "trust", there are many types of Credit Card.
Gold, Silver, Black and Titanium Card etc...

But, actually, the function of Card is not so different from Debit Card mentioned above.

Features of Name-Card

There is two types of Card, Name Card and No-Name Card.

Name-Card is normal card, with your name printed on the card.
Personal card is personal name, corporate card is company name and personal name.

Name-Card can be used in all over the world, in the shop, hotel, restaurant, supermarket..., anywhere. Even you can pay your tax by Name-Card in some countries.
Name-Card likes your convenient wallet in your pocket, without cash.

But, unfortunately, when you use Name-Card, all transaction will be recorded. When you use ATM, how much you withdraw..., or when you purchase goods and how much... Because on your card there is your name.
In this meaning, Name-Card has less security.

Almost all banks in the world issue Name-Card.

Features of No-Name Card

No-Name Card is the card without your name, literally.
This card is just normal card, with card number, valid data and key code. But no your name on the card.
This card can be used anywhere in the world, just same as Name-Card, but no name.

Why this kind of Card is there?
The answer is quite clear. For your security.

For example, when you withdraw cash with ATM by using your No-Name Card, no one can see who withdraw the money, because there is no name on the card.

This type of card is quite useful to keep your security. But, still, there are some kind of problem.
For example, when you use No-Name Card in the country who never know this kind of card, you will be in funny trouble.

You may go to supermarket, buy something, and pay by No-Name Card..., surely the clerk will be upset. Because she never see this kind of card, doesn´t have no information, no imagination. Just she know the information from movies of 007. She may consider that you are belong to MI6 or CIA or EIB (Everyone In the Building)... And in the result, she may pick up the phone...

Please use your No-Name Card cleverly, such as with ATM.

Just plastic plate without Account

By the way, the Card need to be connected to financial account, such as bank account or SwissMICSI Account, definitely.
If no connection to the account, your card is just plastic plate with no function. No value, no status, nothing... even with good design.

It´s quite funny that there are some persons who believe that the Card is belong to Magic World. When you wave the card with some complicated spell, the money will come...
Yes, we like this kind of world. But, unfortunately, your card is belong to this world actually.
Your card need to connect the account which has financial function. Without this, your card has no value, less than Zero.

Funny problem is happening without this common sense.
"I can´t use my card...?"
The reason is simple that your account related your card has no money.
"I send the money, but still I can´t use the card...?" The reason is clear that you send the money the account no concern to your card account.
"I can´t receive the fee from client by the card...?" That is quite clear that you never inform clients your account number. How your clients can pay the fee with just be shown your card?

Unfortunately, this is not the joke, but real thing happened many times.
Sometime we lost our words. We can´t explain your card does not belong to Magic World.

Please understand. Please...
Your card is available with your account.
If not, it´s just plastic card with no value.

Changes in Our Service Prices

Our pricing is based on current international rates. Should there be changes in these rates, note that we will have to adjust our prices to accommodate these changes.

For major changes, we will make sure that your personal information is protected for the safety of your assets and other investments. We will contact you for your consent should a situation like this arises.

Card Account and normal account

Card Account will be opened differently from normal account, normally.
When you have multi-currency account, USD and EUR account will be set up differently. JPY, GBP, AUD... all account is different from other currency account. Never mixed up.
As like as this, your card account is opened differently from normal account.

This is for your protection.
If your account is connected to normal account, and when card is stolen, all your money will be in danger.
The card Oobac deal with is international card, not domestic card.
When you go abroad, and never notice your card is stolen, someone will withdraw all your funds while you are facinated with beautiful flight atendants on the plane if your card connected directly to your normal account.
To prevent this possibility, card account will be open separately from normal account, normally.

Please check your balance of card account.
Even if you have huge amount in normal account, but your card can´t be used. Because you forgot to move necessary amount to your card account.

PIN code and Card

PIN code is "Personal Identification Code".
All card has PIN code.

When you receive your card, please check your PIN code is attached.
Without this, you can´t use your card with ATM.

Also, do not disclose your PIN code to anyone.

Activation of Card

When you receive new card, you have to activate this card immediately. Without activation, still your card is plastic plate.

The way of activation is vary depend on banks.
Ask your person in charge in Oobac how you can activate your card.

In some case, we can activate your card to avoid complicated procedure you have to do.
Ask your person in charge in Oobac whether your card can activate by us, if you need.

Your card is connected your cash directly.
Activation procedure is somewhat troublesome, but this is for your protection. Please give us your cooperation.

Top up money on Card Account

Already received the card, and activation was done...
But, still your card is not available. Because your card account has no money.

Please move some amount before using your card.

Minimum limit with ATM

"I can´t use my card! Can´t withdraw my cash with ATM...!"
Completely upset, and shout on the phone...
Yes, that´s OK. No problem for us..., ummm...
But, honestly, please use correct PIN code, and do the activation before use.
Also, please understand the function of ATM.

As you know, ATM in all over the world are provided by banks or financial institutes, with the system of intermediary companies.
They need small charge. If there is no charge for them, ATM will refuse your transaction. Unfortunately, they are not volunteer, but on the business.
Especially, in international transaction, the fee is a bit of high.
When you want to withdraw less money than their charge, how they can do your transaction?

ATM has minimum limit of transaction. Please understand.

Note when you top up

As mentioned above, the card without account is meaningless.
But, for the person who live in Magic World, it seems this simple fact is too difficult to accept.
In the result, many problems happen, especially when need to be top up.

When you use your card, the amount of your card account is reduced. When continue to use and never top up, your card can´t use any more because your card account has no money.
So, normally, you need to top up your card account.
But it seems Magic World person can´t understand how to do.

"I have the card with PIN code. Already activated. It could used so far..., and suddenly can´t use. How I can top up...?"

The answer is very simple. Send the money to your card account, or move your money from normal account to card account.
But for Magic World person, it´s impossible to understand that the card is just plastic plate without account. And he will be forced to live in impossible world with confusion and suffering.

Please top up some money to your own card account. What you have to do is just this.
Then your world will be clear and simple, no headache, no suffering with the card any more.

Also please note that your money should be sent to your own card account.
Do not research the bank account of VISA or Master Card itself with huge effort, because your card has their logos.
If you send your money to the account of VISA or Master Card, they will be confused, or likely, someone will smile for extra bonus (sorry...).

Confirm Logo Mark

When you use ATM, please confirm that same logo on your card are there on your ATM.
The card deal with Oobac has the logo of VISA or Master. You can use any ATM with these logos.
But if your ATM does not have same logo on your card, it´s impossible to withdraw the money, because different system.

When your card is not available

When you have the trouble with your card, please check once again with the following:

  • PIN code
  • Activation
  • Amount of money in your card account
  • ATM regulation in your country
  • Logo on ATM

Contact us

If you have a trouble with your card, please contact your bank or Oobac.

Please note that we can support your card issued from our related bank.
We have no obligation to answer you, or to solve your problem of the card which is no concerned to us.

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