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Always required a Business Plan when you open a bank account, or make a contract with other companies. Without Business Plan, everything will be impossible to proceed.

Business Plan

Business Plan should be high quality, good English and accurate.
Bad Business Plan is nothing but the damage to your company.

Oobac will provide you good, accurate and effective Business Plan by professional hands.

What is a Business Plan?

Business Plan is the documents described company´s business activity, condition of target market, financial plan, analysis of business possibility, calculation of possible turnover and profits...

Please refer simple information about Business Plan in the following:

Information of Business Plan

Sample is available too. This is a Business Plan + Financial Projections (3 Years), in the following page:

Business Plan Sample


Price per Year:
750.00 EUR

Why it´s required?

When open a corporate account with any banks, Business Plan is mandatory.
Without this, your company will be consider as some kind of joke. Impossible to proceed.

For making a contract with third parties, Business Plan may be required as well.

When you try to obtain certain license from the government, Business Plan is necessary for making application.
No government in this world can proceed your application without Business Plan.

English is Mandatory

Business Plan must be made by English, at first. Japanese, Chinese, Bahasa-Indonesia, Tamil, Arabic... all these language is precious and important, but not effective for the purpose of Business Plan.

Also, Business Plan should be professional on your business area.
Which means professional ability and good experience as well as frequent English are required for making Business Plan.

Professional Business Plan

Oobac provide real Business Plan by the hands of Pro analyst.
This is not automated business plan created by some software, but by human hands. Each by each, according to the type of business/condition, our Pro Analyst create real Business Plan for your company. It´s quite high quality.

Light Business Plan

Light Business Plan is include:

  • Introduction of the business
  • Mini introduction on the market study
  • Principals directions of the company and goals
  • The company structure

Full Business Plan

Full Business Plan include followings:

  • Full market study
  • Detailed company organizations plans
  • Introduction of the business
  • Principals directions of the company and goals
  • How to achieve the goals
  • The company structure

Business Plan + Financial Projections (3 Years)

This is complete Business Plan available in all purpose.

  • Financial projections (3 Years) Projected financial/transactions Full market study
  • Detailed company organizations plans
  • Introduction of the business
  • Principals directions of the company and goals
  • How to achieve the goals
  • The company structured

Necessary Information

Our professional analyst need all information about your business.
Impossible to make proper Business Plan without this information. Please give us your cooperation.

On Oobac User Corner you can inform us all details after you order this service.

Procedure and Time

When our professional analyst get your information, a First Version will be made within 2 weeks.

After checking by you as well as getting more detailed advice from other professional of your business area, Second Version will be created within 1 week.

And after proof read, final Business Plan will be delivered you.

So, normally, it will take around 1 month. Real Business Plan can´t be created with the time of only 2 or 3 days.
Please inform us as early as possible when you need Business Plan.

Translation to Other Language

When you need translation of your Business Plan to other language such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese..., our professional analyst may consider the feature of destination language, and re-create your Business Plan suitable for each language. In this case, additional fee will be EUR 750.00.

Renewal of Business Plan

When you need to update your Business Plan, please contact us as soon as possible. The fee will depend on the level of changing.

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