List of Banks

Here is the list of banks Oobac can handle. Each bank has each condition for opening account. Please refer the details with each pages of Oobac.


Liechtenstein Private Bank

You can open a bank account with a very reputable, trustworthy bank in Liechtenstein. This is a Private Bank with AAA rate!! The bank offers HIGH security and outstanding investments. Additionally, you can get a Pseudonym Account with this bank (for personal accounts). We can provide the certification for all your personal documents - no need to go to institutions just to get a certification. We are an official agent of this bank. You can get extraordinary results for your investment with the opportunities that the bank can offer you. Normally, opening an account in this bank is not so easy, especially with the Due Diligence in the law of Liechtenstein. You have to pass all regulations and learn how to be patient. However, because we have a strong relationship with this bank, we can make your life easier by bypass these procedures for you. People who have good conduct are recommended by our company - and therefore get the VIP treatment. You can get perfect relationship with this bank, including a superior strategy to increase your money. Both personal and corporate accounts can be opened, as well as Pseudonym Accounts. Details are in the following page:

Liechtenstein Private Bank

Cyprus Bank

Cyprus is a small island on the Mediterranean Sea. Itエs known to be a financial center. You can expect tight security and exceptional service from this bank, as well as the standard of EU.

You can open your bank account in the country where your company is registered. Only having that, however, is not the safest thing to do. We recommend our clients to open another account in other places such as Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Latvia... to protect themselves.

Cyprus Bank

Personal and Corporate Account

Both personal and corporate accounts are available for our users.

As for corporate accounts, offshore companies are welcome to apply as well - even when you use Nominee.

If your company is new and doesn´t have any background or any achievements, we can open your account as well.

For personal accounts, everyone welcome to open one.

Pseudony Account with tough Security

You can get Pseudonym Account, which has highest level of security, with Liechtenstein Private Bank.
This is one type of personal accounts, not allowed to corporate body.

This is not so called "Number Account" which is not sufficient without name. Pseudonym Account has a name, so you can use this account with normal way. But your real name never revealed.

Liechtenstein Private Bank (PB)

As for your reference, "Number Account" is now illegal. Can´t use in many countries include Switzerland.

Your Account is Your Account

Your account is your account. Nobody can touch your account, including us.

Oobac will deal with the procedures for opening your account. But after opening your account, nobody can touch your account. Each bank has its own security measures. No one can manage the account except for the account holder.

Unfortunately, there are some curious "agents". They always say they can open bank accounts easily and provide "their own account." In this case, of course, the account is not your account, but theirs. We consider this to be fraud.

The account you get through Oobac services is a REAL account - something that is truly and completely yours.

Please refer to the following page for more details:

Cyprus Bank

Seychelles Bank

Seychelles is one of most famous offshores because of its stable system and fast development, especially for financial businesses. There is a new bank in Seychelles that provides private banking service. Private banks are useful in keeping your security, and to increase your assets as well.

Seychelles Bank

Belize Bank

Belize has a very sophisticated and comprehensive system. We can handle opening accounts at the biggest bank in Belize

Belize Bank

Euro Pacific Bank

Euro Pacific Bank Ltd. is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which is an island country in the Lesser Antilles chain. EPB is the parent company of Euro Pacific Intl., Euro Pacific Advisors Ltd., Global Trading Ltd., and Euro Pacific Funds SCC Ltd. The companies were formed in order to provide superior international banking services.

Euro Pacific Bank

Loyal Bank

  • Located in SVG
  • NO Personal Visit Required
  • Accept Online Business
  • Accept Forex (EUR)
  • Currency EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CAD ...

€: 1069.00Personal
€: 1169.00Corporate

Please Contact Us for more details.

Hermes Bank

  • Located in ST LUCIA
  • NO Personal Visit Required
  • Accept Online Business
  • Accept Forex (EUR)
  • Currency EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, CNY ...

€: 799.00Personal
€: 899.00Corporate

Please Contact Us for more details.


  • Located in Germany
  • NO Personal Visit Required
  • Accept Online Business
  • Accept Forex (EUR)
  • Currency EUR.

€: 1069.00Personal
€: 1069.00Corporate

Please Contact Us for more details.

Mauritius Bank

  • Located in Mauritius
  • NO Personal Visit Required
  • NO Online Business Accepted
  • Not Accept Forex Activity
  • Currency EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, ...

€: 798.00Personal
€: 998.00Corporate

Please Contact Us for more details.

Other Bank

Bank Name Price
Liechtenstein Private Bank 2799.00
Latvia Bank 899.00
Belize Bank 899.00

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