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Secure VPN Access

Secure VPN allows you to surf and access online material discreetly and securely. Because of your online anonymity and security, you have the opportunity to expand your business beyond the present boundaries.

The service features unlimited online access, user-friendly features, and untraceable online presence.

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Price per Year 299.00 EUR

What is VPN?
10 Reasons to Get Secure VPN
Unlimited Access
Required Documents

What is VPN?
VPN is a private and encrypted tunnel that carries all your data from your computer to the Internet anonymously and securely. Your information in transit is encrypted such that even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is unaware of the kind of information you are sending out or receiving.

Your IP address is also cloaked with a dummy European IP address.

Similar to a proxy server, Secure VPN does it better by not only protecting your surfing activities, but also your other connections such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, and FTP. It even secures your IM discussions to give you peace of mind.

10 Reasons to Get Secure VPN
10 Reasons to Get Secure VPN:
* Anonymous & Secure SSL 128bit encrypted connection.
* Proxy European IP Address (your real IP Address will not appear).
* HHTP/SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/FTP/Messengers... all secured.
* Works anywhere even through firewalls settings.
* Anonymous data and surfing, all data is encrypted.
* WIFI secured, your data is secured with any WIFI access you use.
* Unlimited data transfer (fair usage limits may apply).
* Protects you from DNS spoofing and other attacks.
* Compatible with Windows and Linux computers.
* No specific hardware needed, easy to install & to use.

Unlimited Access
There are no additional charges for bandwidth, length of access, or the volume and rate of data transfer. Secure VPN Service provides unlimited access so that you donLt need to worry about your security or budget.

There are no complicated set-up procedures to perform. Simpy access our Secure VPN Service and your Internet activities shall be secured immediately.

Required Documents
For both Company and Individual:
Passport copy
Proof of Address (within 3 months)

Illegal or gray zone activities will not be tolerated by Oobac. Neither will activities like reselling and re-renting be condoned. Bulk mail is also not recommended.

Some activities that may result to a termination of our services include:
* Fraud
* Use of the address to receive suspicious packages
* Business activities under personal name
* Resale of the address, sublease, or acquisition of the address
* Direct mail activities
* Illegal offshore activities

We reserve the right to terminate our services to you once illegal activities have been found to be performed by your business / person.

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