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Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully
Payments and Refunds

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully
Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully. Except these, we does not allow refunds or exchanges on any of its procedure basically.
If unexpected circumstances should arise and impact your plans, we would be glad to assist you with the cancellation procedures and refund your fees.

The refund will be made through bank transfer, depending on the original method of purchase. Please note that if your purchase was made through a credit card, the amount you receive will reflect few % deduction from the full price as a result of the processing fee charged by the credit card company.
Additionally, although we will instruct the bank to handle the crediting process immediately upon notification of cancellation, it could take up to several weeks for the actual crediting to take place, depending on your Bank´s practice.

Payments and Refunds
Once an application is initiated, no request for refund shall be entertained. Please verify that you can provide all the documents and information required by each type of application for each type of product/service before ordering.

If your order has not yet been processed and the application is not yet initiated, you may request a refund of the ordered product/service within a 7 (seven) days´ timeframe from the date of the confirmation of your payment.
Any refund inquiry after this period shall not be entertained.

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