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How to use Oobac Post, step by step
Oobac Post is FREE to use. Here is the instruction how to use Oobac Post, step by step.

Avoiding illegal access
New Registration
Fill up the Form
Your Own Page
Next Log In
1 bite and 2 bites character

Avoiding illegal access
Please go to Oobac Post.
Then you will see simple question of calculation.
This is for avoiding illegal access.

Please answer the question and click "Submit" button.

New Registration
If you still donLt have Oobac Post account, please click "New Registration" button.

Fill up the Form
Then you will see new registration page.
Please fill up the box with correct information.

ID and Password you can choose what you like.

ID and Password should be over 6 and up to 20 characters. A-Z, a-z English character and 0-9 numeric can use for ID and Password.

Your e-mail address will be needed for e-mail notification from Oobac, as well as when you forget your Password.

If error, choose other ID and password, because someone already use same ID and password.

Your Own Page
When registration completed, you wil be in your own Post page.
No one can see your page without your ID and password.

Next Log In
Please use your ID and Password for next log in Oobac Post.

1 bite and 2 bites character
Oobac Post can cover many languages.
But when you log in, please use normal alphabet and numeral.
Because Oobac System is written by 1 bite characters. If you use 2 bites characters, system will refuse your input.

As for your reference, there are two types of character on PC.
One is 1 bite (8 bits) characters, and other is 2 bites (16 bits) characters.

Current PC system was born with 1 bite characters such as English, French, German... That means users are supposed to use 1 bite character from the beginning.

Afterward, PC is spread to all over the world. And many countries have the trouble with character set of their own language, because 1 bite canLt support too many characters they used, just covered A to Z and numeral.
To solve this problem, they invented new character set by using 2 bites (16 bits).
Japanese, Chinese, Arabic...etc are all 2 bites character set.

But, unfortunately, still the system itself is written 1 bite character.
If you use 2 bites character when log in, the system will consider it is error.

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