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Details such as company information, staff, office address, payment and refund FAQs, and more can be found here.

Company Information
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Company Information
NOTE: This Website is maintaned by new management and new team since May 2013.

Payment and Refund FAQs
1. All payments to OOBAC.com shall be made through bank transfers or online payments, without any intermediaries.
2. For credit card payments, we reserve the right to terminate or freeze services if fraudulent payments are made. Additionally, we also reserve the right to take permissible legal action for such acts.
3. Once an application is initiated, requests for refund shall not be entertained. Please verify that you can provide all the documents and information required by each type of application for each type of product/service before ordering.
4. If your order has not been processed and the application has not been initiated, you may request for a refund for the ordered product/service within 7 days from the date of your payment confirmation. Any refund inquiry after this period shall not be entertained.
5. Any transaction fees accumulated with regards to the payment of your order will be charged to your account.

Service Details
Service details for all products and services are described in its respective pages. Please refer to those pages for more details.

Payments for services that are paid to banks, of the government, etc., cannot be cancelled after the process has been initiated. Payments can only be cancelled if the process has not been initiated.
For transactions with banks and the government, cancelled payments incur penalty fees.

There are two types of cancellation. One is by our client, the other is by us. If we refuse to process your order for some reason, your payment will be refunded. On the other hand, if we suspect that your order is illegal, your payment will not be refunded, and your transaction with us will be subject to investigation.

Services fees for all products and services are listed in its respective pages.

When ordering multiple products and/or services, always double-check your order total.

Other than renewal fees, there are no hidden or additional charges for orders.

Contact Us
Feel free to contact us through telephone, email or fax. You can also reach us by paying a visit to our office, or by filling up the contact form.

Contact details can be found on this page:
Contact us

Privacy Policy/Refund Policy/Disclaimer
Privacy Policy, Web Site Policy, Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy and Disclaimer can be found here.
Privacy policy
Website policy
Terms & Conditions
Refund policy

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