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When you need Consultant?
When you need to get License?
Prepare your Copy of Passport
What is Proof of Address?
As for Certification

Your account is your account

Corporate Docs for B/A
Business Plan
Note for opening Corporate Account
How to choose Suitable Account?

Attention on use
World situation
Note to use Card

More Information

When you need a powerful business consultant, your solution is right here.

When you need a Consultant...
You need a consultant if you intend to open a new business, introduce new technology, explore a new market, or will be bringing business to a new country. We have professional consultants with over 25 years of experience.

When you need to get License...
You need a license every time you make professional or business transactions. Contact us and our experienced consultants will help you get what you need.

Preparing a Copy of Your Passport
Here, you will find information about making a copy of your passport, which is required for overseas procedures.

What is Proof of Address?
Your Proof of Address will be required for overseas procedures. The details are in this page.

When you require documents for an overseas procedure, you need to get certification for these. Without certification, your documents cannot be deemed valid or legit.

Your account is your account
The account with Mobile Wallet/Banks you ordered us is your account. No one can touch your account, except you.

Attention on use
Please read this carefully before you order any of our products or services.

Changing of Terms and Policies
Should there be a change in country-specific rules and policies, please note that we may change the terms of our services to comply with these.

Note to use Card
Basic information of how to use your Card. Please read and understand the basic rule of Card.

Company documents for opening Bank Account
Now, financial world is going to change. More tough regulations will be applied when you need bank account for your company.

Tough security! High Yield! Friendly!
Open your account with AAA Private Bank.

Many choices with wholesale price!
... More

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