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Incorporate a Malta Company

Malta Company has many advantages and features.

Malta has Double Tax Treaty Agreements with many countries, around 54. The procedure of incorporation is easy and fast.
100% foreign ownership is allowed. And good advantage on tax system in Malta.

Malta is one of EU countries. By this, effective tax handling can be done.

Type of incorporation:

Why additional documents are required for Bank Account?
EUR 3250 deposit is required. Details are Here.

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Incorporate your company
Price Please contact us
Courier fee: EUR 70.00

Outline of Malta
Merits of a Malta Company
Tax rate in Malta, and Refund System
Double Tax Treaty Agreements
Two types of Malta Company
Tax Report/Payment is Required
Minimum Capital of a Malta Company
Incorporation Package
Government Fee
Renewal and Maintenance Fee
Time for Incorporation
Bank Account in Malta
Bank Account in Overseas
Nominee Service

Getting various License

Outline of Malta
Official name is Republic of Malta, located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, just 93 km south of Sicily.
This is small island country, total area is 316 km2. Capital city is Valletta. Official language is Maltese and English.
One of EU countries as well as Commonwealth of Nations.

Malta is well known as a tourist resort, with beautiful areas and historical monuments.
Also, Malta person is known as independent, high educated and hard workers.

Incorporation in Malta has many advantages.
Malta has Double Tax Treaty Agreements with many countries, around 54.
The procedure of incorporation is easy and fast.
100% foreign ownership is allowed.
And good advantage on tax system in Malta.

Merits of a Malta Company
Malta has many advantages and merits as follows:
・Double Tax Treaty Agreements with more than 50 countries.
・The income of Malta companies is subject to a flat income tax rate of 35%, with refund system.
・No need Malta resident director.
・Company director can be accepted.
・No need Malta resident shareholder.
・No exchange control.
・Nominee can be accepted for your security.

Tax rate in Malta, and Refund System
As mentioned above, tax rate of Malta is 35%. It´s flat rate apply all types of business.
It looks somewhat high tax rate.

But, in Malta, there is specific refund system about tax. By using this, your company will be less and less tax.
Here under is a simple summary about refund system:
* In normal company´s case, 86% (6/7ths) of paid tax will be refund.
* 71% (5/7ths) of interest or loyalty will be refund.
* 100% will be refund from overseas company income with which Malta company has more than 10% shares.

In the result, actual tax rate will be 5% in average. This is most big feature in Malta company.

It looks complicated. But with Double Tax Treaty agreement with many countries, you will have good tax reducing structure.
Because your income is all clean after "paid" your tax, even it is refund.

Double Tax Treaty Agreements
Here under is the list of countries who have Double Tax Treaty Agreements with Malta, total is 54 countries (May 2011).
CroatiaCyprusCzech Republic
San MarinoSingaporeSlovakia
SloveniaSouth AfricaSpain
TunisiaUnited KingdomUnited Arab Emirates

Two types of Malta Company
Two types of Malta Company are available, one is Private Limited Liability Company, and other is Public limited liability company.

The extension word of Private Limited Liability Company should be "Ltd.", and Public limited liability company will be "p.l.c.".

Each type has the regulation about minimum capital and government fee.
Normally, Private Limited Liability Company is best.

Tax Report/Payment is Required
Malta company need to make tax report, and pay the tax according to company´s income every year.
This procedure should be done before 42 days of the date of incorporation.

Oobac can provide accountant in Malta for this.

Minimum Capital of a Malta Company
The minimum capital of Private Limited Liability Company will be EUR 1,164.69 (one thousand one hundred and sixty four Euro & sixty nine cents).
Quite funny numbers, but after Malta joined to EU (2004), they need to calculate by EUR. This is the result.

With more capital a company can incorporate. Increasing the capital is available, too.

Please note that 20% of capital should be deposited to a bank by the cash when incorporate, means 20% of capital will be paid up capital.
With more huge capital, paid up capital will be increased. So, normally, above mentioned capital is suitable.

Incorporation Package
Our company formation package in Malta includes:
* Preparation and filing of the necessary paperwork for registration
* Provision of Initial Subscriber
* Certificate of Incorporation
* Memorandum and Articles
* Articles of Association
* Resolution of the appointment of a director and allocation of shares
* Share Certificates for each shareholder
* Transfer Forms
* Registration fees payable to the Malta government
* Registered address and agent to comply with minimum local presence laws
Fees are calculated based on the capital above mentioned. Higher capital would result to higher fees, depending on the amount needed.

Please note that one director and two shareholders are required in Malta, as well as a company secretary, but no need to appoint Malta residence.
We can provide full nominee service for keeping your security.
Nominee Director Nominee Shareholder

Government Fee
Government fee is EUR 163.06 when initial capital is not over EUR 11,646.87.
More capital, more government fee.

Renewal and Maintenance Fee
Renewal and maintenance fee of Malta company is EUR 740 per year.
If your company was incorporated with nominee, the fee of nominee is required, too.

As mentioned above, Malta company need to make tax report every year.
This procedure must be done, or your company will get fine from Malta government.

Also, as mentioned in Tax rate in Malta, and Refund System, your company will get huge amount of refund of tax.
To deal with this procedure, better is to keep accountant in Malta.
Oobac can provide professional accountant from the fee EUR 3,250 per year.

Also please note that incorporation of Malta company, EUR 3,250 deposit is required.
This deposit is for the case company owner never did any tax report.

Time for Incorporation
Formation of Malta company will be took just one day (working day) when all necessary documents are prepared.

Before initiating the procedure, bank account for paid up capital will be required beforehand.
Include this, it will take 1 week in normal case.

Bank Account in Malta
We recommend you to open bank account in Malta for your Malta Company.
The fee is EUR 1650.

If you don´t have Malta bank account, some procedure will be complicated.

Bank Account in Oversea
Outside of Malta, we can open your corporate account in many countries, Liechtenstein Private Bank, Monaco Private Bank, Cyprus or other EU countries.
No need personal presence when we handle the procedure.
A company incorporated by nominee is acceptable.

For more details, please refer the following page:
About Opening Bank Account

Nominee Service
While you can incorporate your company using your personal information, its risk is having your name, address, and other private information open to the public.
We recommend using our Nominee Service, wherein by using a Nominee Director and a Nominee Shareholder, your personal information need not be on public records that put you at risk.

For further details on the Nominee Service, refer to the following pages:
Nominee Director Nominee Shareholder

Getting various License
Malta is well known as suitable place for getting license.
Many types of financial license, lottery license etc can obtain.

The support and procedure is handled by one of our company group. Please contact us for more details.

Please be advised that we are not dealing with some kind of business, such as adult or gambling business.

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