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Open a Private Bank Account in Liechtenstein

Open your bank account in one of the most reputable and trustworthy banks in Liechtenstein. This private bank is most powerful bank in the world, with an S&P rating of "AAA."

Both corporate and personal accounts are available, as well as Pseudonym accounts with tight security.

Offshore corporate accounts are also serviced by the bank with the assistance of Oobac.

Type of account

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Price 2799.00 EUR
Courier fee: EUR 70.00

Outline of Lichtenstein
Private Banking Service
Top Advantages
Rating (Standard & Poors)
Corporate / Personal / Offshore Account
Pseudonym Account
No Personal Appearances
Initial Deposit
Online Banking / Card
Official Agent
Bank Name
Regulations for US Citizens
Required Documents
Bank Charge

Outline of Lichtenstein
Lichtenstein is located in Central Europe, surrounded by Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It・スLs a small country with a population of just 30,000. Its capital city is Vaduz and though German is its official language, English is also widely spoken. Lichtenstein also maintains strong ties with Switzerland.

The country has long been known as a tax haven. The government supplies its banking corporations with advanced systems such that its services are at par with those in Switzerland.

Private Banking Service
When opening an account, you also get information on how to protect your assets and increase your earnings.

The Liechtenstein government has a sophisticated legal system so that its banking institutions may get involved in the world stock markets, money markets such as Forex, offshore funds, insurance, and other asset management opportunities. A bank account in Liechtenstein will no doubt allow you to delve into these same opportunities.

Offshore corporate accounts are also serviced by the bank with the assistance of Oobac.

Other features of the bank are as follows:
S&P rate AAA-Negative (Standard & Poor・スLs)
Language English, German, Italy, Russian, Chinese, Arabic
Account type Corporate account (include offshore company account), personal account, pseudonym account
Currency CHF, USD, EUR, GBP is basic currency. Can add other currency according to the demand from client.
Initial deposit Normally over EUR 350,000.00 at least, from us only EUR 5,000.00
Internet banking Available
Credit Card VISA, Mastercard etc.
How to open account We are Official Agent. Contact us.

Top Advantages
The bank is considered one of the best in the world in terms of private banking and asset management --: it was even ranked as the #1 investment bank in 2006. The rate of returns in your investment is guaranteed to be high. For security reasons, actual figures cannot be disclosed on this public site.

It proudly boasts an "AAA" rating from Standard & Poors.

Liechtenstein features the best security systems no other country can provide. The bank guarantees the very best protection for its clients・スL assets.

Rating (Standard & Poors)
Ratings provided by bodies like S&P allow the public to see the level of the bank・スLs services. Liechtenstein plays host to some of the world・スLs top banks, including this one.

Corporate / Personal / Offshore Account
Oobac can assist the application of offshore companies wanting to open bank accounts in Liechtenstein. Nominees are also allowed.

Offshore companies are guaranteed the utmost in security. From there, you can invest all over the world through your offshore company and the bank.

Pseudonym Account
Pseudonym Accounts make sure that your personal details are kept safe from the public and don・スLt have to be put at risk. You can manage your account under an alias safely.

If you are interested in this kind of account, kindly inform us. We will conduct a screening process before your application can be approved --: for both our parties・スL safeties.

No Personal Appearances
If you have the experience to open the account with private bank, you know the fact that you have to visit to destination country, to meet the officer. Of course, the situation is the same in Liechtenstein.
And this is very troublesome, for almost all person is very busy, no time to do like this, especially when your business is growing up.

But, with our service, you are no need to visit Liechtenstein, no need to meet the officer.
Oobac is the official agent, and we can open your account without visit.

On the other hand, we recommend you to meet officer of this bank at least one time after your account is opened.
There are some reasons.
First, it・スLs not suitable for you if you are going to make big amount of deposit to this bank, and never met any person in this bank.
Surely you feel uneasy even though you can trust us.
You should not do like this. You must have no fear, no uneasy, no doubt, no unclear point.

Next, you need to meet the officer to get the advice, direction, portfolio and the way of investment if you want to increase your asset.
You can talk with your person in charge in this bank on the phone. But, unfortunately, phone is phone. We are not the machine, not only the voice. We are human being.
We think it・スLs best for you to meet, to eat, to drink together with the officer face to face, at least one time.
Then you can understand the real value of this bank.

Initial Deposit
Private banks generally require a big initial deposit reaching to millions of euros, for corporate accounts especially.

This becomes a problem for a person who・スLs opening an account for the first time or one who doesn・スLt have enough funds for an initial deposit.

Oobac assists these individuals/companies by offering them to open a bank account for a much lower required initial deposit amount. Please note that, however, the full earning potential of your money in a private bank would only achieve great heights if a bigger deposit is made.

Online Banking / Card
Full Online Banking is available to clients. Account balance check, sending the money..., all facility is now can be used.

As for credit cards, the bank is partnered with VISA, MasterCard, and other major credit card companies around the world.

The bank supports English, German, French, Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Official Agent
Oobac is the official agent of this bank.
We have been given the right to open bank accounts (corporate, personal and pseudonym account) with this bank, as well as to do the Due Diligence procedures, ask clients for necessary documents, and manage bank accounts (if you need).

We also have the authority to certificate of your passport for the procedure of opening account so that you can avoid the risks of sharing personal information to third parties.

Bank Name
Name is never disclosed on this site for security reasons.
For further details, visit the following page:
Bank name

Regulations for US Citizens
Limitations exist for US citizens resulting from the US・スL specific system of taxation. For further details, kindly Contact us.

Required Documents
For Personal Accounts:
Copy of your passport (we will make certification for you)
Proof of Address (within 3 months, we will make certification for you)
For Corporate Accounts:
Certificate of Formation/Incorporation (Original ones, or notarized copies)
Statement of Shareholders/Organizers (Original ones, or notarized copies)
Status of Company (Original one)
Board of Resolution for opening bank account (Original one)
Copy of your passport (we will make certification for you)
Proof of address (within 3 months, we will make certification for you)

Bank Charge
After opening your account, the bank will deduct CHF 500.00 (equivalent amount for USD, EUR or other currency) from your initial deposit, for their procedure for setting up internet banking etc. This is one time fee.
This fee is not include in our fee above mentioned.

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Open your account with AAA Private Bank.

Protect your security!
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Card, card, card...
Infinity, World Signia, platinum...
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