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Free FX Account and Incorporation

FX Trading has the possibility to increase your asset. But too many regulations....
Here we introduce the way of more freedom, using overseas company.

FX Trading and Overseas Business
Incorporation and FX Trading
Clear the Regulation for opening FX Account
Proof of Address for Personal
Security Tools
Keep your own Staff
Pay your Tax Properly
Go into Freedom...!

FX Trading and Overseas Business
Tough regulations about FX trading are there only in three countries in the world, US, Japan and Singapore (July 2011).
No such regulations in European countries as well as others.

ItLs reasonable if US, Japan and Singapore apply their own regulation inside of their country. But, unfortunately, they force other countries to follow their way. In the result, the residence of this three countries canLt open new FX account any more.

How to solve this funny problem?
Here is simple answer that you may go overseas.

Please note that US residence canLt do this way according to the regulation of their own country.

Incorporation and FX Trading
As you know, in the past, FX trading was done by a corporate body, not personal.
ItLs quite new a personal can join FX trading. Rather it was difficult for a personal in the past.

To join FX trading by company is not difficult. Things will be easier, and you can keep your own security when you use your company.
Oobac can deal with opening FX account for company by FREE FX Account.

This company should not be so called "paper company", but real company with real business activity.
Also, your company has to pay the tax properly (if you have offshore company, less tax or no tax).

When you can go abroad like this, above mentioned problem will vanish easily.

Clear the Regulation for opening FX Account
If your company has real activity in overseas, no problem to open new FX account. Because your business is solid, not fake, with office, fixed telephone, staffs and directors...
Business activity is include the investment to FX trading.

How to start real business activity?
ItLs quite easy. Just set up your company in overseas, and do real business include FX trading. ThatLs all.
Oobac can help you in all aspects when you decide.

Proof of Address for Personal
Proof of Address of personal can get easily when you stay in overseas.
Except you want to live in deep jungle, you need to keep electricity, gas, water supply and telephone... Fortunately or unfortunately, when you use one of these, you will get invoice. When you pay, you will get receipt.
And all these can be used as your personal Proof of Address.
So, for opening FX account is no problem.

Security Tools
In any country, keeping your security is important, especially when you are going to deal with some investment include FX trading.

Oobac can prepare strong tools as follows:
Secure E-Mail
Secure VPN

Keep your own Staff
When you need to keep your own staff in overseas, required huge amount of budget, include setting up office as well as office facility.
But, Oobac can offer you these with amazing low price, as follows:
Business Center (KL)
Staff and Signature

Pay your Tax Properly
Paying your tax properly is necessary. When you have some profit, please pay the tax. This is our obligation.

We, Oobac, never tolarate any kind of tax evasion activity.

Go into Freedom...!
When you decide to go overseas, to start new business and new life, funny regulation in your own country will vanish at once.
Unfortunately for US residence itLs canLt be done. But other countryLs residence has no problem.

When it come to go overseas, we tend to consider selling a car or a refrigerator.
Yes, itLs one of the ways. But you have to note that many investment companies did same, and they got success.
You can do, too.

Go into freedom...
Get more opportunity...
ItLs all depend on your choice.

Tough security! High Yield! Friendly!
Open your account with AAA Private Bank.

Protect your security!
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Many choices with wholesale price!
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