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Company documents for opening Bank Account

More tough regulations will be applied for opening corporate bank account.

Situation is going to change
Eligible company documents
Better to prepare completed documents
The fee for opening account itself

Situation is going to change
Now, financial world is going to change. More tough regulations will be applied when you need bank account for your company.
ItLs difficult to open corporate account without eligible company documents.
When you have proper documents, itLs easy to open, and easy to maintain your account. But, if not, almost impossible to open, or maintain the account.

Eligible company documents
Normally, the required documents for opening corporate account are, at least, as follows:
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Directors Registry
Shareholders Registry
Issue Membership Certificate (share certificate)
Certificate of Incumbency (registered address)
These documents must be issued from the country of incorporation, with Apposttile and Nortary Public certification.
And, unfortunately, it will be required some fees in each country.

Better to prepare completed documents
We recommend you to prepare these corporate documents if you need to open the bank account for your company.
Now, all banks in the world require these documents following many regulations recently provided from the authority.
It take additional fee, unfortunately.
But these documents are mandatory in current situation.

The fee for opening account itself
The fee for preparation above mentioned documents is different from the fee for procedure of opening account itself.

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