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Still many person misunderstand the meaning about Business Plan. This page is the basic information for your reference.

What is a Business Plan?
Not Simple Itemize Document
When Business Plan required?
When Open a Bank Account
When Nominee make his Signature
When Obtain a License
English is Mandatory
Oobac Service for Business Plan

Sample of Business Plan

What is a Business Plan?
Business Plan is the documents in which your company activity is described.
Normally, for commercial purpose itLs required. But even for social and volunteer activity itLs required in some cases.

This documents must contain detailed business activities include financial projection (at least 3 years), the way of education for company staffs, risk management, market analysis, member of board of directors, main shareholders, a way of accountant..., not your dream which has no possibility to come true.

Many types of Business Plan are there according the purpose of business.

Not Simple Itemize Document
Do not misunderstand about Business Plan as simple itemized document.
Who can do proper job with a "business planL consisted by several sentences which describe a dream.
ItLs useless, worthless, and harmful to your company because everyone will consider that your company has no proper business.

You will get the result that you might be no ability with no money, no plan, no clear picture about your own business. In short words, you will be considered as one of "fools".
Please be careful.

When Business Plan required?
In many scenes Business Plan is required, such as:
Open corporate account for your company
Make a contract with third parties
Obtain legal license

When you need a signature of Nominee, Business Plan is required, too.

When Open a Bank Account
When open corporate bank account, many documents as follows are required:
Business Plan
CV of Directors/Owners
Certified True Copy of Company Documents
Certified True Copy of your Passport
Certified True Copy of your Proof of Address
Remitters/Beneficiaries to/from this new account as well as bank names/countries

All Certified Copies Oobac can prepare, because we have eligible status to do.
But if you donLt have proper Business Plan, we, as well as the banks, canLt do anything. Because all documents above mentioned are required according to Anti Money Laundering Policy, Anti Terrorism Policy and KYC Policy.

Your Business Plan is mandatory by these regulations.
If you donLt have proper Business Plan, never initiate a procedure of due diligence even you send your application. ItLs out of hands, literally.

When Nominee make his Signature
Nominee is provide on legal system. ItLs different from illegal mutual contract.

When your company need to make a contract with third parties, a signature of Nominee may be required sometime.
In this case, detailed Business Plan is mandatory as well as a copy of contract, so that your nominee can check whether a contract is legal according to the law system of HIS country with the consultant of lawyer or government itself.

If a company doesnLt have any Business Plan, impossible to follow the procedure of due diligence. In the result, you canLt get a signature of Nominee.

When Obtain a License
When a company try to get a license, issuing a Business Plan is necessary.
No government in the world who would issue some license to a company who donLt have any Business Plan.

Especially on this purpose, your Business Plan should be accurate, simple style, include detailed information of your company as well as proper financial projection at least five years.
In general case, it will be more than 50 pages. In some case, more than few hundreds pages.

Please prepare good Business Plan if you need a license.

English is Mandatory
Business Plan should be written in English, normally.
If using specific language such as Japanese, Chinese, Bahasa-Indonesia, Tamil..., almost no one can understand.

Please note that translation software is useless for this purpose. When you translate your Business Plan by this, your company will get damage caused by funny sentence.

Oobac Service for Business Plan
Oobac professional can make Business Plan for you if you have difficulty.
Get Business Plan (English)

Sample of Business Plan
Here is a sample of Business Plan.
This plan is for "Sample Ltd" which not exist. The contents is almost meaningless, but you may understand what is a Business Plan.

This is a Business Plan + Financial Projections on Oobac menu.

Sample of Business Plan

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