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Free Payment Gateway Integration!

Do you have online shop or providing online service?do you have any problem getting paid with bank wire. Are you tired of Paypal, moneybooker, ... and their troublesome regulations?

We have solution for you. It Is Free !!!!!!!!!

Increase your sales volume by offering more payment options to your clients. There are many potential clients that rather to pay with their Visa/Master cards. We will help you to get this options for your website.

Why Free!!?

We have a strong relationship with a very good Visa/Master card online payment provider. We will help you to fill up the necessary forms and help you to provide your documents. It is very important to how fill up the form and how describe the business activity. This help you to get approved by this provider. only help you to integrate your website to a very good credit/depit payment provider. We only provide this service for our clients who has an offshore company with us.

Price FREE
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Tough security! High Yield! Friendly!
Open your account with AAA Private Bank.

Protect your security!
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Many choices with wholesale price!
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Easy set up your REAL Office!
for your overseas business!
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Card, card, card...
Infinity, World Signia, platinum...
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